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Green Smoothie You’ll Actually Want to Drink!

Green smoothies are all the rage lately and as a recovering picky eater, I am very skeptical of foods that are weird colors… like green. But, in an effort to improve my daily intake of fruits, vegetables, and vitamins, I made it my goal to find a nutrient-packed smoothie that I could actually tolerate. Imagine my delight when I came up with a recipe that I sometimes choose to have for dessert!

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Green Foods: Broccoli and Herbs

Hitting two or three o’clock in the afternoon and realizing you haven’t planned for dinner is one of the worst feelings.  With this easy and crowd-pleasing recipe, I can guarantee that at least one day (sometimes two days!) a week you will know that you can whip up a healthy dinner for your family.

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Green Foods: Matcha Edition

On a hot day, nothing tastes as good as a glass of lemonade. But lemonade tastes so good because it is effectively sugar water! This recipe is free of the granulated sugar that most recipes include and instead includes some superfoods: honey, lemons, and matcha.

Honey is pretty standard in most kitchens; some people put it in their tea, others use it as marinade or glaze. Until recently, honey hasn’t gotten enough credit for its utility as a sweetener. Not only is it a natural way to thoroughly sweeten drinks (without the weird, flowery taste of stevia), it packs a punch health wise. Honey is full of antibiotics and is also nature’s salve- healing sore throats and preventing sickness.

In this recipe, the sweetness of honey is balanced by the fragrant tang of lemons. Drinking lemon juice to start your day or throughout your day could not be better for you. Between its skin-clearing properties, digestion assistance, and vitamin C, lemon juice is exactly what you want to be putting in your body.

While lemons and honey are not surprising ingredients for lemonade, you may not even know where matcha is located in your grocery store! Matcha has gained popularity in American culture recently, soaring to the coveted status of “superfood.” Matcha is essentially ground up green tea leaves- meaning you are consuming the whole tea leaf and loading up on its benefits. Its most touted benefit is its antioxidant level, but matcha particularly shines in this drink because of its metabolism boosting abilities. Alongside the digestion aid of lemons, and the hydration of water, matcha turns this lemonade into the drink you should have in your hand all day long.

Matcha Lemonade

6 large lemons (or about 12 ounces of juice)
2 teaspoons Matcha powder
Honey to taste
32 ounces filtered water



1. Juice lemons into the pitchers where you’d like to store your drink. Ensure no stray seeds get into the juice.
2. Add matcha and honey.
3. Pour water over these ingredients to begin the mixing of the drink.
4. Mix or whisk all ingredients together, breaking up the clumps of matcha powder. (Note: this drink will settle, so be prepared to mix it up before every serving.)
5. Store in the refrigerator and serve over ice.