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Morning Routine

I’m really over those trendy articles that detail the daily routine of a movie star/millionaire/CEO all-around different person from me. Now, I’m very impressed that certain people get up at 4:00 to work out or spend an hour a day reading up on topics they want to learn or only sleep 3 hours a night, but none of that seems realistic to me. The thing that gets to me about these articles is that they often seem to attribute the subject’s success to a morning routine that sounds like a nightmare. Instead of holding ourselves to the standard of creating a morning routine that would likely cause more misery than productivity let’s look at a few simple, but effective activities that you can add to your morning.

Plan plan plan and plan again.

Whether or not you have a physical day planner or use an online calendar, reviewing your schedule first thing in the morning can set you up for a high-impact day. Rather than trying to keep all your appointments and to-dos rolling around in your brain, try to get them onto a calendar. This will help you to visualize long term goals and short term plans. Then, once you have a method of planning that works best for you, make that one of the first things you do in the morning. This simple addition to your morning routine will help lessen the number of surprises in your day.

Working out still counts even if it is quick!

Why not start your day with a win? If you workout first thing in the morning, for the rest of the day you will be proud of yourself for already checking that off the list. Adding exercise to your morning routine does not necessarily need to entail getting up super early to go to a class or to the gym. You can achieve this goal by doing an ab workout on the floor next to your bed or doing some squats in your living room. YouTube is filled with easy videos that can guide your home workout. So, pick some pump-up music and start your day by doing your body a favor.

Tackle anxiety before it starts.

Within the last few years, it seems like almost everyone has either revealed or discovered that they have some degree of an anxiety disorder. Roughly 18% of American adults suffer from anxiety- that’s around 40 million people! CBD is an excellent first line of defense for dealing with daily anxiety. For most people, 10 to 20 mg of CBD oil is a great way to introduce this non-psychoactive, naturally relaxing product into their self-care routine. If you introduce taking CBD into your morning routine you will find that you are more prepared for the day; rather than waiting for that tight feeling to hit you, ingesting CBD in the morning can give you one less thing to worry about. Different methods of consumption can also help you feel more in control of your anti-anxiety plan. Gummies, oil, and vapes are just a few options.

These are just a few ideas for ways to make the beginning of your day work for you! You don’t need to overhaul your routine or conform to someone else’s crazy schedule. Just one of these additions can take less than thirty minutes and add tremendous value to your morning.

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