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Pet Health & Wellness

We consider our pets family, and maintaining their well-being should be an important aspect in our day-to-day lives.  As we know, our pets can’t speak, so we should do everything in our power to give them what they deserve – a pain-free life of happiness.

In recent news, light has been shed on the growing issue of puppy mills and the conditions that dogs face throughout the mill breeding process. Many people have put forth effort to raise awareness and push towards change. Often times we forget that many dogs come from puppy mills, where they have been exposed to inhumane conditions, especially young puppies. Some puppies from puppy mills end up having detrimental health issues or deformities, while other puppies can end up seemingly normal.

Speaking of animal treatment, the USDA and APHIS have reopened the public comment period for the Animal Welfare Amendments to Licensing Provisions and to Requirements for Dogs (Source), which proposes stricter licensing for individuals and businesses who own animals for research, exhibition, transport, or for dealing. “With this change, licensees would have to demonstrate compliance with the AWA and show that the animals in their possession are adequately cared for in order to obtain a license.  These proposed changes would also strengthen existing regulations to prevent individuals and businesses whose licenses were suspended or revoked from working for regulated entities” (Source). It also requires that any licensee with dogs must “maintain a written program for veterinary care and medical records and … make those records available to USDA upon request, and require[s] that dogs have continual access to potable water unless restricted by an attending veterinarian” (Source). This will better regulate puppy mills, hopefully resulting in fewer puppies with health issues due to the conditions in which they were born. You can review and comment on the docket by clicking here, but the commenting period ends June 5, 2019.

You can assure your pet’s contentment with CBD pet products in addition to the daily love and care they receive by YOU! CBD pet products can alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety in your little (or big) buddy. Whether it is a trip to the vet or a ride on an airplane, Indie Green Market’s CBD products can provide relief to animals suffering from various ailments.

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